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efoiler riding high in the ocean on a Fliteboard Pro

Experience the Freedom of Flite

 813 358-7815 

About Premier eFoil

Premier eFoil is a Tampa based business that provides eFoil lessons and service for Flite products.  We welcome anyone regardless of previous board/water sports experience to check out the exhilarating sport of eFoiling. 

Elevate your Water Game.

Call 813 358-7815 

Intro eFoil

Intro eFoil lessons are designed for anyone who is ready to enjoy the excitement of eFoiling.  We will teach you the basics of eFoiling and guide you step by step through your first experience in a fun, professional and safe manner.  We will provide an impact vest, head protection and eFoiling equipment with your lesson.

Two students standing near Fliteboards and speaking with instructor
Hard carving pn Fliteboard Ultra with a heel side rail grab

Explore eFoil

For those who may already have some prior eFoiling experience, our Explore eFoil lessons will help take your riding to the next level.  We will provide personalized rider coaching to help improve your eFoil mastery as you explore a variety of board styles, batteries, propulsion systems and wing sets. 

Private eFoil

Intro and Explore eFoil lessons are typically taught in a group setting with a maximum of two students per instructor.  If preferred, we can also provide exclusive one on one lessons. Our Private eFoil lessons can be taught at one of our preferred launch sites or if you reside on waterfront property which is suitable for learning we can potentially visit and teach at your location. 

Instructor and student floating on Fliteboards having a discussion

“Premier eFoil provided me with an unforgettable experience. My instructor was knowledgeable and patient, and made sure I felt safe and comfortable throughout the lesson.”

Sarah Johnson

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