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  • What should students bring for an eFoil lesson?
    -Bathing suit or board shorts -Long sleeve SPF sun shirt -Water shoes -Beach towel -Change of dry clothes -Positive attitude 😀 Premier eFoil will provide the following: - Flite Impact Vest - Helmet with Bb TALKIN' Two-Way Communication - Ombraz Armless Sunglasses
  • Is it recommended for students to have prior surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding or snowboarding experience?
    No. Previous water and/or board sports skills are not required. The Flitescooter is super simple to operate and most students are foiling after a few minutes. Students will require the upper body strength to pull themselves onto the board and stand with the assistance of the handlebars. Students electing to ride the Fliteboard AIR XL will require the upper body strength to pull themselves onto the board, transition from laying on their stomach to kneeling, and then eventually to standing upright. Anyone who can complete the movements described above, can learn to eFoil.
  • Which eFoil is supplied for use during an Intro eFoil lesson?
    Intro eFoil will be taught using the Flitescooter or Fliteboard AIR XL. Wing set and propulsion system will be chosen to best suit the size and weight of the student. Intro eFoil 90-minute lesson will typically use the Explore Flitecell.
  • Which eFoil is supplied for use during an Explore eFoil lesson?
    Explore eFoil lessons can be taken using the Flitescooter, Fliteboard AIR XL, Standard Fliteboard 100L, Fliteboard PRO 67L or Fliteboard ULTRA 57L. We recommend that students do request to ride a hard shell board (fiberglass or carbon model) until efoiling proficiency has been demonstrated riding the Fliteboard AIR XL. -Explore 45-min will typically use the Sport Flitecell. -Explore 90-min will typically use the Explore Flitecell.
  • Does each new student have start by taking the Intro eFoil lesson?
    Yes, we recommend that each student complete the Intro eFoil course. This prerequisite can be waived if you have previously taken an eFoil lesson at another Authorized Fliteschool or have experience riding another brand of efoil. Taking the Intro eFoil course on either the Flitescooter or Fliteboard AIR XL is the best starting point to familiarize new students with how to safely operate an eFoil. After completing the Intro eFoil course and demonstrating proficiency to ride safely, students may elect to ride a rigid board when taking additional Explore eFoil lessons.
  • Which Boards, Wing Sets and Flitecells are available to demo ride?
    At Premier eFoil we want to empower students to make an informed decision regarding which Fliteboard is best suited for them. For this reason we have two of each style of Fliteboard in our fleet and at least one of each wing and stabilizer set. We will be adding the Flite AIR and Soft Top boards, Performance Efoils and Conical Wings from new and exciting 2024 product line soon.
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