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Premier eFoil is a mobile business that provides eFoil lessons and eFoil service for Flite products.  We strive to provide the most comprehensive rider education program for instructing students how to safely learn the sport of eFoiling.

Our mission is to make sure our customers have a top-flight experience and join the growing community of raving Fliteboard fans.  We encourage anyone who may be eFoil curious to schedule a lesson and experience the freedom of Flite.

  We commonly launch from the Safety Harbor Marina as Old Tampa Bay offers excellent conditions for teaching students how to eFoil.  Contact us with any questions or sign up for a lesson and experience the thrill of eFoiling. 

Call 813 358-7815 for additional information.

What is an eFoil? 

The term eFoil is used to describe a personal water craft which is an electrically powered hydrofoil.  eFoiling is a watersport which has been rapidly growing in popularity for many years and can be enjoyed by just about anyone.  All eFoil systems employ a surfboard, battery, mast, motor, integrated electronics, handheld speed controller and wings for generating lift while moving through the water.  While most eFoils use similiar components, all eFoils are not created equal.  Flite is the market leader in eFoil technology, craftsmanship, performance and safety.  Fliteboard is the most awarded eFoil in the world and Premier eFoil is proud to be a Flite Authorized Partner.

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